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By Travis

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Avatar: The Last Airbender



Sokka's sword teacher
Avatar Aang
Spirit Aang and Roku


Shawna said...

Those are awesome pictures!

KARAN said...

Avatar rocks! I miss this show being on Nickelodeon, I watched Avatar all the time back before it ended. I saw all the episodes from The Boy in the Iceberg to Avatar Aang. This show is epic and is like, the best show ever!. when i miss this show then i decided to Downlaod Avatar the last Airbender TV Show.Really good site.

Daiva said...

Yeah avatar rocks i agree . . . But i got really very mad when it ended!i was so excited that i watched all episodes in 5 days . . . It rly rocks and the avatar author could make some more cool episodes ...

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this is the best anime show among all the popular anime shows. ireally love this show and i am eager to watch avatar the last airbender online.second seoson of this show is my favorite show.