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By Travis

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Princess and the Witch

author and Illustrator Travis Hepworth

Once upon a time their was a beautiful princess and a bad witch and the princess had a powerful diamond necklace. Then the witch took the necklace and trapped the princess in a tower and had control of the earth and only the prince could save the princess. The prince got through one gate. Three of the witches guards blocked the prince but the prince killed the three guards. The prince got to one more guard and they fought and the prince won. The prince got to the next gate and got through and then got to the witch and one more guard. They fought and they fought and they fought and the prince killed the guard and then took the witches necklace and won. They had the earth good again. And the witch turned good.

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Christine said...

Aimee says that story was beautiful! She loved it!